~bicycle haikus~

a revolution
of the pedal and the mind
commuting to work

this machine is built
of parts from countries far-flung
it burns Oreos

when wheels are turning
it must be revolution
it changes the world

i ride over here
i ride my bike over there
i ride everywhere

Have not a clue where
I'm going, but the wheels say
"You'll love it -- promise!

If you ride my route,
Please don't tick off the cagers!
I ride two wheels too!

My bike is heavy,
But air, sun, and the effort
Make me light inside.

Strain, mash, *CHINK!* Aw man!
Chain-slip! And I'm going down!
Bruised knee...stupid hill!

Morning, hair askew,
Grumpy! I don't wanna work today!
Bike changes my 'tude.

Do you ride like me?
Yeah, you go faster, I know,
But with a big smile?

road bike named vishnu
shiva is my mountain bike
casey rides them both

mind pedaling through
8 to 5 in cubicle
at 5 i'm riding

cliff bar before ride
banana half way up hill
beer when I get home

awake dreaming bike
around and around my bliss
pedaling for me

rain falling buckets
people in cars grimmacing
i ride with smile

Tires sing a sweet song
Asphalt played like a cello
Traction symphony

Underwear Nazi:
No underwear under shorts
NEVER! Got it? Good.

I should be working
thinking of more bike haikus
Come on 5 o'clock

Too many spare parts
What to do with all of them?
Buy new frame of course

My wish for Mother Earth
Roar of four-wheelers muted
In favor of two!

Days since a good ride!
My saddle runneth over
Where's the Lean Cuisine?

Impatient driver
Fingers drumming on the wheel
Know you not this joy?

Lo! The Devil Hill
Bane of my homeward commute
Finally conquered!

Quiet Autumn day
Leaves skittering in my path
Winter shadows loom

Thousands of dollars,
Titanium and carbon,
Cannot change a flat.

Colors of colors,
The jersey for all jerseys,
Please buy a mirror.

ridin at five thurly
don't be a little girly
ride that phat surly

it might be squirrly
but don't let that deter-ye
try not to hurly

like my surly hub
flip-flop: take the mountain bike
or singlespeed cross?

Wheels spinning freely
Twisting through the dense forest
Blissful singletrack

Adrenaline flows
Bike and body dance as one
See the line, ride it

rolling along fine
suddenly a sinking feeling
is the road melting?

turning is sluggish
it feels like pedaling through sand
shit, another flat.

up and around
riding the trail. a bump, a hiss.
Where was that nail from?

Sacred is the pull
Of gravity, but blessed
Are those who defy

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